Lefteris Kordis Jazz Octet

“Oh Raven, If You Only Had Brains...”

Recorded in 2010 and released in 2012 by Inner Circle Music

Lefteris Kordis


Recorded in 2005 and released in 2011

Panayota Haloulakou/Lefteris Kordis Duo


Recorded and released in 2011

Lefteris Kordis/Alec Spiegelman/Thor Thorvaldsonn trio

Bebop Trio

Recorded in 2007 and released in 2010 by Creative Nation Music

Recordings as leader or co-leader

Recordings as director/arranger/performer

Paolo Lattanzi Quintet featuring Robin Eubanks     Multitude


Darryl Harper  Stories in Real Time


Dimitris Tsakas Growing Up


George Lernis Shapes of Nature


An Evening of Rembetika

Researched, Transcribed, and Conducted a 12-piece Greek Rebetiko Ensemble


Recordings as producer/sideman

Recordings as sideman

Julien Kasper                   New Imperial


Stelios Botonakis Exo Apto Hrono


IASJ Jazz Meeting produced by Dave Liebman


Ionian Jazz Ensenmble               Jazz & Tzaz No. 120


Takis Paterelis Quartet      Sonic Waves

(2006) not released

Panayota Haloulakou     Laconikon

  1. (2012)     

to be released in 2015

Mehmet Ali Sanlikol          Whatsnext (2013)

Mihalis Katahanas                     Fonissa (The Murderess)                                       

(2010) released in 2014


Lefteris Kordis


Recorded in November 2013 and March 2015.

Released in August 2016

by Inner Circle Music

Darryl Harper

The Need’s Got To Be So Deep


Panayota Haloulakou Jazz Quartet

Four In One

Recorded in July 2014

to be released in Spring 2015