Doctoral Dissertation (2010 - 2012)


Bebop, Democracy, and the Utopia (2009)  (excerpt at the top of this page)

The Multi-track Recordings of Lennie Tristano (includes transcriptions) (2006)

Johannes Brahms’s Klavierstücke, op. 76, Intermezzo No.7  (2008)

Anton Webern’s String Quartet op. 5, 3rd movement (2008)

Lennie Tristano’s Quintet Free Collective Improvisation Intuition (recorded in 1949) (includes full transcription and spectrograph analysis) (2005)

Graph Score Analysis of György Ligeti’s Piano Etude No.4, book I: Fanfares (2010)

April: Lennie Tristano’s Re-Composition based on I’ll Remember April

by D.Raye and G. De Paul (2005)

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