Lefteris Kordis Trio

The Lefteris Kordis Trio has been active in the Boston area since 2004 performing fresh interpretations of jazz standards regularly in Boston’s major jazz venues such as the Beehive, the Beat Hotel, and the Lily Pad (All listed at DownBeat magazine’s 150 Top International Jazz Venues). The trio consists of Lefteris on piano, John Lockwood on bass, and Karen Kocharyan on drums. Other notable bassists that have worked with the trio include, Mark Zaleski, Will Slater, and Brad Barrett.

The Trio recorded their first cd “Beehive Spirit” (July 2014) in celebration of their 10-year friendship and teamwork. At the bottom, you can hear the unmixed, unedited take of Kurt Weil’s “Lieberslied,” which is dedicated to Lefteris’ former teacher Herb Pomeroy. The cd will be released in late 2016.


                                                          “Ask Me Now” (Thelonious Monk)






                                                        “Bye Bye Blackbird” (Ray Henderson)


                                                                     “Lieberslied” (Kurt Weil)